If you are worried about your friend’s drug use or excessive drinking, you may be searching for signs of addiction. If you notice these signs, you may even want to stage an intervention. This could save your friend’s life.

Through the Impact Wellness Network, we can provide you with information on many high-quality comprehensive addiction treatment plans that can help your friend get clean and maintain sobriety through thorough addiction treatment.

Contact the Impact Wellness Network today to see which of our comprehensive addiction treatment plans are most supportive for your friend.

Signs Your Friend is Addicted to Drugs or Alcohol

Concern for your friend’s use is normal. If you suspect they may have a problem, it is crucial to be aware of identifying signs that they may be addicted.

Because drugs and alcohol can impact every part of an individual’s life, you may notice some or none of the signs of addiction. Your friend may experience changes in behavior, personality, mood, and appearance.

If your friend is addicted to drugs, they may experience changes in their behavior. They may lie, steal, and they might behave in a way that is not normal for them. They may be more argumentative or violent. A person suffering from addiction is also often likely to attempt to isolate themselves from friends or family.

Their mood and personality could be affected by addiction as well. Drugs impact the brain by altering the chemicals it releases. This can have a large impact on a person’s mood and personality. Drugs can also make a person more depressed or more anxious. These changes may not be immediately evident but would be apparent over time and worsen with the seriousness of their addiction.

Finally, you may notice changes in their appearance. Because drugs impact the functions of the body and brain, there can be changes in appetite and metabolism. This means that your friend may rapidly gain or lose weight. Additionally, you may notice changes in hygiene, bruising, injection marks, discolored teeth, and frequent sniffing or bloody noses. These can all be indications of drug use. 

The Impact Wellness Network is a series of addiction treatment centers designed to support individuals through detoxification and addiction treatment. Contact us today to see how we can support your loved one.

Tips on How to Stage an Intervention for a Friend

How to Stage an Intervention for a Friend

If you’ve noticed some of the signs of addiction in your friend or are otherwise concerned about their substance use, you might want to stage an intervention. This can be an emotional time for you and your friend. 

When staging an intervention, there are several tips to keep in mind. It is helpful to be prepared and follow a script, have suggestions for a treatment center, and maintain personal control throughout the intervention.

One of the most important parts of an intervention is being prepared for the situation and following the plan. This is crucial because having a prepared and organized intervention can help all parties feel heard and allow time for individuals to think and respond.

Another helpful tip for your intervention is to have more than one addiction treatment center available to them based on their needs. Giving your friend options can help them take ownership of their recovery in a facility that meets their needs.

Finally, it is crucial to maintain control throughout the intervention. Often, the affected individual will scream, cry, and blame others for their issues. This is a reaction, and you must not meet them at that level. By maintaining a level speaking voice and positive body language, you can help maintain the level of anger in the intervention.

How to Get Your Friend into Addiction Treatment Today

When it comes to getting your friend into addiction treatment today, it is crucial to choose a facility that meets their needs. Through Impact Wellness Network’s group of addiction treatment centers that are designed to meet the individual needs of clients, we have a facility that will work for your friend.

Our treatment centers offer expert care, compassionate staff, evidence-based and alternative therapies, and luxury settings. We are dedicated to the safety and comfort of your friend while in our care.

Contact the Impact Wellness Network today.

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