Impact Outpatient Program

Impact Outpatient Program is here to help you and your loved ones heal together from the disease of addiction at our outpatient treatment center just minutes from Louisville, Kentucky, in the heart of Mount Washington.

Impact Outpatient Program

Impact Outpatient Program is an innovative, intensive outpatient program for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders, located just outside metro Louisville, in Mount Washington, Kentucky.

Impact Outpatient Program’s foundation is based on serving the local community and surrounding areas in the fight against addiction. From medication-assisted therapy to CBT and process groups, we utilize a number of proven & effective therapies to treat addiction. Here at Impact Outpatient Program in Louisville, we offer a truly individualized and personal experience in treatment to every client who enters our program. When you enter the program at Impact, you will receive compassionate, judgment-free care from our staff and your fellow peers.

Areas We Serve

✔️ Lexington, KY ✔️ Corbin, KY ✔️ Cincinnati, OH ✔️ Louisville, KY ✔️ Bowling Green, KY ✔️ Richmond, KY

Impact Outpatient Program is a one-of-a-kind outpatient drug & alcohol treatment center that offers a path to lasting, sustainable recovery.

Levels Of Care Offered At This Facility

Intensive Outpatient

Intensive outpatient programs allow you to live at home while receiving treatment. Outpatient and intensive outpatient programs are generally less expensive than inpatient programs and offer significantly more flexibility in terms of treatment schedules. The most significant challenge people often experience when participating in an intensive outpatient program is remaining at home throughout treatment. For some, this ongoing exposure to the triggers and situations that initially led to addictive behaviors can increase the chances of relapse.


Outpatient addiction treatment programs allow you to live at home throughout the duration of your treatment. As part of an outpatient program, you will not receive some of the benefits provided in the residential setting, such as housing, meals, and 24/7 medical care and support. The structure of an outpatient program at Impact Wellness allows you to continue actively participating in your regular routine while working towards sobriety. 


5-Star Drug Rehab Testimonials


The Robert Alexander Center was a great experience. I’ve personally been to 17 different treatment centers before this one, and this facility is by far the nicest one of them all.

-RAC Alumni

I would recommend Evolve with wholehearted sincerity for anybody that is ready to change their lives. Everyone on staff has a genuine dedication to the clients, working with each person on an individual level. Today I am over 1 year sober, and I have a life worth living.

-Evolve Indy Alumni

Findlay Recovery Center saved our son's life! Thanks to the caring staff and their program, my wife and I have our son back. We can't thank Findlay Recovery Center enough! If you or a loved one needs help in Ohio please go to Findlay Recovery Center!

-Findlay Alumni

The team at the Robert Alexander Center helped my son after numerous attempts at recovery. Thanks to their program, our son is coming up on 1 year of sobriety"

-RAC Alumni

"I am forever grateful to the Robert Alexander Center for Recovery for giving me the opportunity to learn how to recover. My life today is beyond my wildest dreams.”

-RAC Alumni

Findlay Recovery Center is a beacon for those struggling from addiction in Ohio. They've brought top-quality treatment to the Midwest without the pricetag. I highly suggest Findlay Recovery Center for anyone who is ready to really overcome addiction once and for all!

-Findlay Alumni

Evolve Indy is hands down the best treatment center out there! The staff at Evolve are amazing, dedicated and truly care about your Recovery! I would recommend this treatment facility to anyone battling alcoholism/addiction. This placed saved my life and I’m beyond grateful for every staff member at Evolve Indy!

-Evolve Indy Alumni

The staff at evolve indy was great they actually cared they gave me tools for my recovery and showed me how to utilize them.Ive been to many recovery programs and this is the only one that has ever helped the staff there go above and beyond there amazing.

-Evolve Indy Alumni

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