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Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHPs) offer individuals struggling with addiction an intensive level of care while still allowing them to maintain some independence outside of a traditional inpatient facility. These treatment programs typically provide structured therapy, individual counseling, group support sessions, and medication management. PHPs can be an effective option for those in need of addiction treatment who require more support than outpatient care can provide, but do not need the 24-hour supervision provided in residential treatment.

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Today, several different treatment options are available to those struggling with addiction and seeking help to overcome their dependence on drugs and alcohol. Addiction treatment programs range in levels of care from inpatient residential programs to outpatient options with various options in between. When considering an outpatient drug rehab in the midwest and researching your options, it can quickly become challenging to determine which type of program is right for your treatment needs. While inpatient residential care is appropriate and the most beneficial for some, the level of intensity provided in the inpatient setting may not be necessary for everyone. In some cases, a partial hospitalization program or PHP may provide effective addiction treatment in an environment that does not require patients to “live” at the addiction treatment facility during their treatment program.


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What Exactly is a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Partial hospitalization programs (sometimes called day programs or PHPs) provide those who are ready to overcome addiction the opportunity to receive intensive therapy without requiring a week-long overnight stay at a rehab center. Many partial hospitalization programs offer addiction therapy options similar to those provided in an inpatient residential setting. Treatment programs at a PHP are designed based on evidence-based therapy models, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). Both cognitive-behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy encourage you to examine the negative thought patterns that have led to addiction while learning new and healthy ways to regulate behavior and emotion. During a PHP program, you are provided a safe and secure space to address the roots of addiction and learn (and practice) new, healthier coping strategies to manage triggers.

Partial hospitalization programs are similar to inpatient residential programs in that therapy occurs in a variety of settings. Throughout your program, you may participate in individual (one-to-one), group, and family therapy sessions. The duration and frequency of therapy will depend on your unique treatment needs. Some programs also provide alternative treatment options, including dance, yoga, and movement therapies.

Robert Alexander Center For Recovery 58 - Midwestern Addiction Treatment Center
Robert Alexander Center For Recovery 14 - Midwestern Addiction Treatment Center


5-Star Drug Rehab Testimonials


The Robert Alexander Center was a great experience. I’ve personally been to 17 different treatment centers before this one, and this facility is by far the nicest one of them all.

-RAC Alumni

I would recommend Evolve with wholehearted sincerity for anybody that is ready to change their lives. Everyone on staff has a genuine dedication to the clients, working with each person on an individual level. Today I am over 1 year sober, and I have a life worth living.

-Evolve Indy Alumni

Findlay Recovery Center saved our son's life! Thanks to the caring staff and their program, my wife and I have our son back. We can't thank Findlay Recovery Center enough! If you or a loved one needs help in Ohio please go to Findlay Recovery Center!

-Findlay Alumni

The team at the Robert Alexander Center helped my son after numerous attempts at recovery. Thanks to their program, our son is coming up on 1 year of sobriety"

-RAC Alumni

"I am forever grateful to the Robert Alexander Center for Recovery for giving me the opportunity to learn how to recover. My life today is beyond my wildest dreams.”

-RAC Alumni

Findlay Recovery Center is a beacon for those struggling from addiction in Ohio. They've brought top-quality treatment to the Midwest without the pricetag. I highly suggest Findlay Recovery Center for anyone who is ready to really overcome addiction once and for all!

-Findlay Alumni

Evolve Indy is hands down the best treatment center out there! The staff at Evolve are amazing, dedicated and truly care about your Recovery! I would recommend this treatment facility to anyone battling alcoholism/addiction. This placed saved my life and I’m beyond grateful for every staff member at Evolve Indy!

-Evolve Indy Alumni

The staff at evolve indy was great they actually cared they gave me tools for my recovery and showed me how to utilize them.Ive been to many recovery programs and this is the only one that has ever helped the staff there go above and beyond there amazing.

-Evolve Indy Alumni

What Are the Benefits of a Partial Hospitalization Drug Rehab?

Partial hospitalization programs offer an intensive level of treatment similar to the level of care found in a residential treatment environment. However, a PHP allows patients to continue living at home with family and loved ones while they pursue sobriety. In a way, partial hospitalization programs combine the best features of residential and outpatient care. PHP programs are often more demanding than a traditional outpatient drug rehab in the midwest requiring more sessions (more hours of treatment) each week.

Your partial hospitalization treatment program at Impact Wellness will be designed based on your treatment needs and goals. Your treatment team will work with you to learn more about your medical, mental health, and addiction treatment history to determine the best course of treatment to help you get well. Depending on your individualized plan, you may be required to attend an average of five, three-to-five-hour sessions each week.

Partial hospitalization programs can also serve as a step-down or bridge option for someone who has recently completed addiction treatment in an inpatient setting yet does not feel “stable” without continued therapeutic support. Partial hospitalization programs provide a safe and supported way to transition from an inpatient care setting back to your day-to-day routine.


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Our Midwest Partial Hospitalization Program

Before entering a Midwest partial hospitalization program, it is essential to complete detox. If you are still under the influence of or dependent on substances, it is challenging, if not impossible, to immerse yourself in addiction therapy. Impact Wellness provides detox options at many of our Midwest rehabs. Once you have completed detox, it is possible to transition directly into a PHP program.

When you arrive at our partial hospitalization program, the first step is generally a comprehensive assessment. During the evaluation, a member of our treatment team will talk with you about your medical and mental health history. They will also want to learn more about your history with substance use and addiction treatment. Your comprehensive assessment is used to help the staff at the treatment center understand your treatment history and gain knowledge about any preexisting medical or emotional conditions that may need to be addressed or monitored during treatment. The information you share during your intake interview will help the members of your treatment team develop a unique treatment plan that outlines goals for you to meet during treatment and defines the best treatment models to help you attain and maintain ongoing sobriety.

Partial hospitalization programs are more intensive than typical outpatient programs. PHP therapy sessions meet on weekdays (Monday-Friday) during the day. Often, these programs are several hours long. Some programs offer evening sessions as well to accommodate the schedules of those with daytime employment or other obligations such as childcare. Most programs utilize individual therapy sessions integrated into a plan of several group meetings. You should also expect drug and alcohol testing to be part of the procedure at a partial hospitalization program. When taking part in an inpatient treatment program, opportunities for relapse are minimized by the residential nature of the program. Because partial hospitalization programs allow you to live at home during treatment, this increases potential exposure to triggers and opportunities for relapse. Therefore, testing is used to help ensure your safety and the safety of other program participants.

Partial hospitalization drug rehab programs use various therapy models in both individual and group settings. The goals of addiction therapy are to help participants address and change maladaptive behaviors and thought patterns that led to addiction and ongoing substance use. Therapy also helps build relapse prevention and recovery skills, improve social functioning, heal damaged family relationships, and improve employment and education outcomes. While participating in individual and group sessions, your treatment team will help you to learn and practice healthy and safe coping strategies as part of your relapse prevention plan.

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Locations - Midwest Addiction Rehab Centers

Findlay Recovery Center

Located in the heart of Findlay, Ohio, the Findlay Recovery Center is a leading addiction treatment facility that has been providing comprehensive care and support to individuals struggling with addiction for over a decade. We handcraft individualized treatment plans for each client to maintain sobriety for a lifetime. Find lasting, sustainable recovery from drug & alcohol abuse at our top-rated Ohio rehab center.

Robert Alexander Center - Midwest Rehab

Robert Alexander Center For Recovery

The Robert Alexander Center for Recovery is a drug & alcohol rehab program in Kentucky that offers an evidence-based, personalized, and supportive treatment to each and every client that comes through our doors. Our focus is on the individual. We craft unique treatment plans for each client to ensure long-term success in recovery from substance abuse. 

Grand Falls Center For Recovery 81 - Midwestern Addiction Treatment Center

Grand Falls Center For Recovery

Grand Falls Treatment Center is located in Grand Falls, Missiouri. We offer a one-of-a-kind addiction treatment experience, rooted in an evidence-based, client-focused approach. We combine detox services with psychological therapy and support to give patients the comprehensive support they need to overcome their addiction. This evidence-based treatment program helps people rebuild their lives.

Impact Outpatient Program 7 - Midwestern Addiction Treatment Center

Impact Outpatient Program

Impact Outpatient Program is here to help you heal from the disease of addiction at our outpatient treatment center. Impact IOP is located just minutes from Louisville, Kentucky, in the heart of Mount Washington. We use evidence based treatment for individualized treatment plans for each client. Find hope of a life worth living with Impact Outpatient Program.

DJI 0577 scaled 1 - Midwestern Addiction Treatment Center

Evolve Indy

Evolve Indy is not your typical addiction treatment provider in Indiana. We began with a single mission: to help those struggling with substance abuse, regardless of their situation. Our treatment program provides expert-level therapy with modern and traditional methods in order to effectively treat the root causes of addiction.

DSC07923 scaled - Midwestern Addiction Treatment Center

Arrowwood ATC

Arrowwood Addiction Treatment Center in Virginia treats addiction with compassionate care and an evidence-based approach that is tailored to fit each individual’s unique needs. We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to addiction recovery. This is why we prioritize personalization in crafting treatment plans for our clients.

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