Individuals should look into heroin addiction rehab centers if they are using the illegal drug regularly. Problematic use and addiction are often closely related and impact the user’s life in multiple ways.

Through the Impact Wellness Network, individuals can access high-quality heroin addiction treatment. Our multiple Midwest residential treatment programs are designed to help anyone and everyone ready to make a change in their life.

What is heroin?

Made from morphine, heroin is an illegal opioid used to get high and block pain. Heroin is a relatively common and cheap street drug that can be injected, ingested, smoked, or snorted. Individuals who use the drug often experience a numbing and euphoric high due to a rush of dopamine. 

Individuals who are high on heroin may experience “drowsiness, respiratory depression, constricted pupils, nausea, a warm flushing of the skin, dry mouth, and heavy extremities.” However, when individuals take too much and are overdosing, they may experience shallow breathing, blue lips, clammy skin, seizures, coma, and possible death.

What are the signs of heroin addiction?

Individuals who use heroin are not necessarily addicts, but they do have problematic use. To determine if the heroin use needs treatment, you should ask yourself the following questions.

Questions about your use of heroin in the past 12 months:

  1. Do you often find yourself using heroin in larger amounts or more often than intended?
  2. Have you wanted to stop or cut down on using or control your use of heroin?
  3. Have you spent a lot of time getting heroin or using heroin?
  4. Have you had a strong desire or urge to use heroin?
  5. Has your performance at work or school been impacted as a result of heroin use?
  6. Has your use of heroin caused problems with other people, such as with family members, friends, or people at work?
  7. Have you spent less time with friends or enjoying hobbies since heroin use began?
  8. Have you ever gotten high before doing something that requires coordination or concentration like driving, boating, climbing a ladder, or operating heavy machinery?
  9. Have you continued to use even though you knew that the drug had hurt your mental or physical health?
  10. Have you found you needed to use much more of the drug to get the same effect as when you first started taking it?
  11. Did you have withdrawal symptoms or feel sick, including flu-like symptoms or depression, when you reduced or stopped using?

According to the DSM-V, individuals who answer yes to 4-5 questions may be experiencing a moderate opioid use disorder. However, even a single yes could be a sign of a developing addiction disorder.

How Heroin Addiction Rehab Centers Can Help You or Your Loved One

Heroin is a tough addiction to kick based on how it impacts the brain and body. Heroin addiction rehab centers can help you or your loved one by providing medically monitored detoxification and intensive addiction treatment that is specifically designed to support individuals going through heroin withdrawal and treatment. 

Impact Wellness Network

Our clients can access several different addiction treatment centers designed to help and support individuals with addiction through the Impact Wellness Network. By contacting us today, you can speak with a professional about which treatment center best fits your addiction treatment needs.
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