Addiction is a difficult mental health disorder. Anyone can become an addict, but studies have found that it is more common in individuals who have a family history of addiction. 

If you, your loved one, or a family member is struggling with addiction, contact Impact Wellness Network today. We offer supportive rehabilitative care for those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Throughout our network, we have treatment centers that can help anyone and everyone on their path to recovery.

What Is Addiction?

Addiction is defined as a chronic and relapsing disease that causes people to continue to use substances, even though it causes them physical, social, and psychological problems. 

Addiction does not have a cure, but a person in recovery can learn to live a happy, long, and sober life by utilizing mental health tips, tricks, and supports available to them.

Why Is Addiction a Family Disease?

Why Is Addiction a Family Disease?

Many consider addiction a family disease because of the correlation between the number of individuals struggling with addiction and their home lives. According to a study, Understanding the Diverse Needs of Children whose Parents Abuse Substances, children who live with an addicted parent or parents are at a greater risk for several serious outcomes, even more so when the parent struggles with an additional mental health concern, like depression or antisocial personality disorder. 

Additionally, “children of alcoholic parents show a specific and unique risk for earlier onset of substance use, faster acceleration in their patterns of substance use, and higher rates of alcohol and drug use disorders than do children of non-alcoholic parents.” 

Studies have determined that the genetic makeup of individuals with addiction can vary from others. Studies completed on the specific genes to identify those that cause addiction have identified many that play a factor. “Stress resiliency and externalizing behaviors, characterized by disinhibition, aggression, and impulsivity, are both intermediate phenotypes thought to underlie the comorbidity between addictions and other psychiatric diseases, leading to the potential to track shared genetic factors.”

Another way that addiction is a family disease is because of the environment. The same studies that show individuals who have a hereditary connection to addiction are relevant to those who are just exposed to the environment. “Current models thus suggest that genetic and environmental factors interact in different ways across development to impact risk for substance use disorders among children of substance abusing parents.” 

How To Get Your Family Help

The best way to combat addiction is through treatment. Addiction treatment is available for individuals of all ages, genders, and needs. The ideal treatment is designed around the needs of the client including the need for residential inpatient treatment or outpatient treatment and the need for individual counseling and family counseling. These options should be a standard part of addiction treatment but can be more easily accessed in different locations.

Based on the severity of addiction and the type of drug, some individuals may find more success with addiction treatment by going to a residential inpatient treatment center. In those locations, an individual may benefit most from 24/7 monitoring and treatment. Additionally, family therapy may be offered in these locations with a dedicated clinician who can support you or your loved one. 

How To Get Your Loved One Help With Their Addiction

Through the Impact Wellness Network, our group of high-quality top-rated addiction treatment centers in the Midwest can support anyone looking to make a change in their lives, even your loved one.

At our treatment centers, we focus on treating the specific needs of the client through personalized treatment plans. Utilizing individualized counseling, group therapy, and family therapy, we believe that we can achieve long-lasting sobriety with our holistic healthcare options.

Contact Impact Wellness Network today to see how we can help you make an impact against addiction.

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