If you are seeking help for addiction for yourself or your loved one, it is important to pick a therapeutic environment that not only meets your physical needs and standards but also one that can affect real change in your mental health and addiction-related behaviors and thoughts. 

Through the Impact Wellness Network, our group of addiction treatment centers utilizes multiple evidence-based treatments to support individuals through the process of recovery. Our safe and supportive environments, provide clients an opportunity to battle through the stages of recovery to rebuild their lives. The addiction treatment programs we have in place help clients heal not only the mind but the body and spirit as well. 

Contact the Impact Wellness Network today to see which of our comprehensive addiction treatment programs and locations best me your needs. 

What Is Evidence-based Treatment for Addiction?

When it comes to choosing the best addiction treatment, it is important to pick a rehabilitation location that offers evidence-based treatments. By doing this you can ensure that your treatment will be regulated, monitored, and upheld to the standards created by licensed clinicians, therapists, and psychologists. With evidence-based addiction treatment, there have been multiple research studies done about this specific type of therapy and the uses of these therapeutic situations and treatment styles have been deemed useful in reducing a specific set of behaviors, symptoms, or thought processes.

Evidence-based addiction treatments are designed to meet the specific mental health needs of clients suffering from different addictions, post-use symptoms, and ideologies. The most effective, popular, and helpful evidence-based addiction treatments include CBT, DBT, Contingency Management (Motivational Incentives), and 12-step facilitation therapies. 

What Is Evidence-based Treatment for Addiction?


CBT stands for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This is the standard for addiction treatment. This therapeutic treatment process “focuses on the patterns of thinking and the beliefs, attitudes, and values that underlie thinking.” Through this process, individuals are supplied with the tools to problem solve and focus on the present and moving forward. This treatment model helps clients identify misleading beliefs or thought processes that could lead to use. Clients work with professionals in individual and group sessions to learn, try new things, and discuss the outcomes of these experiences.


Dialectal Behavioral Therapy, known as DBT, is an evidence-based form of CBT often used for clients who have an addiction and some form of mental health concern like bipolar disorder, depression, or PTSD. DBT differs from CBT, in that the focus is primarily on acceptance of where a person is at and motivating them to make this change. It focuses on mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotional regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness. 

Contingency Management

While typically not used independently, this evidence-based treatment for addiction focuses on providing incentives for positive change. By “reinforcing” (aka rewarding) positive behavior, motivates and incentivizes individuals who are struggling with maintaining sobriety. This is a popular therapeutic treatment for individuals in sober living situations. 

12-step Facilitation Therapies

12-step programs are a form of evidence-based therapy. These therapeutic group support systems are designed to create social bonds and utilize connections in the treatment process. Examples of this are AA, NA, AlAnon, and other ‘anonymous’ groups that utilize peer support and mentors to work through the recovery process.

What Type of Evidence-based Treatment Does Impact Wellness Network Offer?

Impact Wellness Network rehabilitation centers utilize the above-listed evidence-based treatment models with many more based on the specific needs of the client and the situation. Through different locations and different addiction treatment programs, we believe all our clients can achieve sustainable long-lasting recovery with our evidence-based addiction treatment programs. 

Each of our rehabilitation facilities creates tailored treatment plans that are specifically designed to combine evidence-based practice with holistic healing methods so our clients can achieve total-body wellness. 

Fight addiction and make an impact with Impact Wellness Network’s group of treatment centers. Contact us today for a professional screening to determine which of our high-quality facilities can best treat your addiction needs.

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