Individuals can suffer from both a cocaine addiction and an alcohol use disorder. Individuals addicted to cocaine often drink alcohol to help manage some of the negative side effects of using cocaine. Additionally, both alcohol and cocaine lower inhibitions and increase the possibility of risky behavior. 

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Signs of a Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is a stimulant that impacts the central nervous system. As a highly addictive substance, cocaine processes through the body in approximately one hour. It is known as a “binge drug” because individuals often use cocaine by taking several hits throughout a relatively short amount of time to maintain and increase their high. 

An individual addicted to cocaine may experience the following symptoms.

  • increased energy
  • euphoric feeling
  • feeling focused or vigilant
  • hypersensitivity to stimuli, such as light or sound
  • irritability and restlessness
  • paranoia

However, cocaine is also a drug that maintains its danger level through every hit. With cocaine, an individual could die on the first hit or the 100th and there are no indicators to suggest when an overdose could occur. 

Signs of an Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholism can be just as serious as a cocaine addiction. Although alcohol often isn’t viewed as being as dangerous as a hard drug like cocaine or heroin, the relaxed societal view towards alcohol is what makes it so harmful. An alcohol addiction comes slowly as an individual develops dependence and tolerance to alcohol. 

A person who is addicted to alcohol may: 

  • Spend a significant amount of time drinking or recovering from the effects of their drinking
  • Try to stop or limit their alcohol intake but fail to do so
  • Feel the need to drink to relax or be comfortable
  • Notice that their drinking has affected their relationships with others
  • Notice that their drinking has negatively impacted their performance at work or school

While these are just some of the signs of alcohol dependence, these can indicate a large problem with use and abuse. 

Can You Suffer from Cocaine and Alcohol Addiction?

How to Get Help with Cocaine and Alcohol Addiction

If you suspect that you or your loved one have developed a substance use disorder, it is important to get help. By seeking help for cocaine and alcohol addiction, you have a better chance of developing healthy coping mechanisms and relapse prevention strategies that can help with both disorders.

When you or your loved one are ready to get help with cocaine and alcohol addiction, it is important to find a treatment center that offers a detox program. Comprehensive addiction treatment and detox are crucial, as the withdrawal process from cocaine and alcohol can both be devastating to the body. 

Following detoxification, it is important to consider whether inpatient or outpatient treatment is ideal for your needs. For individuals struggling with both cocaine and alcohol addiction, choosing a treatment center that offers continuous care from detox through inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment is ideal.

Impact Wellness Network

Through the Impact Wellness Network’s series of high-quality advanced-medical rehabilitation facilities, we believe that everyone who is ready for a change can succeed and live a successful and sober lifestyle following our comprehensive treatment programs.

After selecting one of our rehabilitation centers, clients experience expert medical care, personal program development, and holistic therapeutic treatments designed to support their mental, emotional, and physical well-being. 

Contact Impact Wellness Network today to see which of our top-rated treatment centers is ideal for your addiction rehabilitation needs.

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