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Chronic use of drugs or alcohol eventually leads to harmful consequences. Addiction can lead to physical and psychological difficulties that often worsen over time. Addiction is a disease. It is a disease that does not discriminate and knows no barriers. Regardless of your economic status, race, religion, age, or living situation, addiction can impact you and your loved ones. Deciding to seek addiction treatment is one of the most difficult challenges someone struggling with addiction will voluntarily confront. It is complicated to acknowledge a negative relationship with drugs or alcohol and even more challenging to accept that you need help to defeat the hold drugs or alcohol has on you.

When you begin a comprehensive addiction treatment program, the first step is often detox. Detox and withdrawal or not often like what you see on television. The process can be difficult, unpleasant, and can sometimes bring about potentially dangerous side effects. Because of this, it is highly recommended that you do not detox alone or “cold Turkey.” Detox is necessary to cleanse your body of any substances that may remain. Only after this is complete can you immerse yourself in an addiction treatment program. If you are still under the influence of your substance of choice or still experiencing cravings to use, it will be impossible to focus on therapy and healing.

The detox process involves you consciously choosing to stop drinking or using drugs. During detox, your body will learn how to function without substances. For many, this process can be, at a minimum, unpleasant but, at the worst, potentially fatal. While using or drinking, the body becomes accustomed to functioning with a certain level of substances circulating throughout the body. The organs and brain will change how they function to actively accommodate and flush toxic chemicals from the body each day.

When substance levels get low, cravings occur as the body and brain demand more. Cravings eventually lead you to believe you need substances to function. During detox, the body is not getting sentences, no matter how intense the cravings may be. This leads to various withdrawal symptoms. In mild cases, these can include nausea, tremors, gastric problems, dizziness, and elevated heart rate. The intensity and severity of your withdrawal symptoms will depend on the type of substance you use, how often you use, and how long you have been using.

Why Do I Need Detox? Can’t I Quit on My Own?

Although quitting “cold turkey” may seem more straightforward, it is essential to remember that self-detox, especially from certain substances such as opioids and alcohol, can be dangerous and often leads to relapse. Whether your addiction is mild or severe, withdrawal symptoms are part of the detox process for everyone seeking to get sober. For some, detox may be accompanied by mild symptoms that are easily managed without significant support or medical assistance. However, for others, the withdrawal process can bring about potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms and complications. Some of the more intense symptoms can quickly become unmanageable when detoxing alone, often leading to relapse as taking a drink or using again is less unpleasant than continuing with withdrawal.

When detoxing from alcohol and opioids (including heroin and prescription opioids), the withdrawal process can lead to deadly complications. Although the most severe complications only occur in a small percentage of cases, it is vital to have emergency assistance available to ensure your safety. Choosing to detox alone may mean emergency assistance or medical help is not available in time to intervene. Some of the more severe withdrawal symptoms related to opioid or alcohol withdrawal can include seizures, delirium tremens (DT’s), and significant psychological disturbances. Acute opioid withdrawal and alcohol withdrawal can also lead to heart attack, stroke, and respiratory arrest.

What to Expect When Entering a Detox Program

Detox is a vital first step in your recovery and should always be undertaken in a safe and supervised setting. Although symptoms do vary from person to person seeking help at a skilled addiction treatment center where medically assisted detox is available such as Impact Wellness, can ensure you successfully and safely withdraw from drugs or alcohol. Choosing an addiction treatment center specializing in medication-assisted treatment means you can expect full medical supervision throughout the detox process. Depending on the specific program and your unique treatment needs, this may include the administration of medications to help make withdrawal symptoms more manageable.

The length of the detox process varies. For some, it lasts a few days, and for others, it can last up to a week. During medically supervised detox, our highly trained medical staff will monitor your vitals and provide necessary medical and mental health support. Without these vital elements of a treatment program, many will relapse before they can successfully detox, making detoxing alone not only unsafe but often unsuccessful.


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    Our Drug Detox Centers in the Midwest

    Medically supervised detox programs in the Midwest, like Impact Wellness, provide the most successful path to sobriety. In a medically supervised drug detox center, skilled treatment providers, a wide range of treatment options, and a combination of traditional and alternative therapy models combine to help you heal and achieve lasting sobriety. The detox process can be unpleasant and uncomfortable. Seeking treatment support at Impact Wellness can make the process more comfortable and manageable than would be feasible when trying to quit “cold turkey” without help.

    Detox itself is not a treatment program. Successful recovery requires you to transition from detox to a comprehensive, evidence-based addiction treatment program. Our drug and alcohol detox and treatment centers in the Midwest ensure you receive high-quality addiction treatment care. As part of all treatment programs, we provide highly trained medical staff, nutrition services, medication assistance if necessary, and alternative treatments to make your detox as comfortable as possible.

    Your chances of achieving sobriety and long-term recovery are significantly higher if you complete the entire detox and treatment program. As part of our inpatient treatment programs, skilled medical providers (including doctors and counselors), along with caring staff, will ensure you are assisted in the entire process to begin your journey to sobriety and recovery.

    Choosing our drug and alcohol treatment center in the Midwest offers the best and most successful road to sobriety. Our caring and compassionate team of medical professionals can help make your detox experience more comfortable and successful than would be possible when trying to detox alone.

    Quit Abusing Substances for Good at Our Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers

    If you are ready to start your journey to recovery, contacting Impact Wellness to learn more about our drug detox treatment centers is a vital first step. Overcoming drug or alcohol addiction is not easy. It requires commitment and dedication to getting sober. The treatment team here at Impact is ready to help you achieve your treatment goals.

    When you arrive at our drug detox center, our treatment team will work with you to design an addiction treatment plan that focuses on your unique needs. Addiction is a disease that affects everyone differently. For this reason, cookie-cutter detox and therapy programs are often unsuccessful in helping you achieve and maintain long-term recovery. Our custom-designed treatment plans call upon a range of evidence-based treatments and alternative therapy models to ensure your treatment experience is comfortable and successful.

    With the help of our treatment team, you will begin detox in a safe and supported environment. Choosing a program like Impact Wellness that offers full-service addiction treatment means you can complete detox and immediately begin addiction treatment in the same environment, with the same treatment team you have come to know and trust. If you are ready to take the first steps towards sobriety, contact Impact Wellness today to learn more about our drug and alcohol detox centers. Our admissions professionals are here and ready to answer your questions about our centers and how we can help you quit abusing substances for good.

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