Benzodiazepine use across the United States impacts approximately 100 million people. With less than 2% of individuals escalating to abusive measures with benzos, these depressants can have serious physical and mental health consequences. This is where Benzo Withdrawal Treatment Centers come into play.

Have you or your loved one’s benzodiazepine use become unregulated? Are you/they taking more than prescribed? If you answered yes, this could be signs of dependence on or an addiction to benzodiazepines.

Treatment for benzo use is available through benzo withdrawal treatment centers in the Impact Wellness Network. Our high-quality detoxification and addiction treatment facilities support individuals through benzo withdrawal and treatment for substance use disorders. 

What Are Benzos?

Benzodiazepines are a form of sedative most commonly used to treat anxiety disorders, tremor disorders, and seizures. According to the DEA, benzos are a Schedule IV Controlled Substance, which means prescriptions are monitored. 

Common benzodiazepine brand names include Klonopin, Halcion, Valium, and Xanax. These drugs can be abused in multiple ways. Taking more than prescribed, getting multiple prescriptions from different doctors, taking someone else’s prescription, or obtaining benzos illegally are all possible ways to abuse this drug. 

Side effects of benzo use can include amnesia, hostility, irritability, and vivid and disturbing dreams in addition to the sleepiness often associated with benzodiazepines. 

What Are the Signs of Benzo Addiction?

Benzo Withdrawal Treatment Centers

Signs of benzo addiction are common with other prescription pill abuse. Individuals who abuse benzos have a higher risk of overdose, and increased frequency of use, and may display other common signs of addiction.

Individuals struggling with addiction often participate more frequently in risky behaviors, they may lie or steal either pills or money for drugs, and you may notice significant changes in appearance, work ethic, and friend groups. Individuals addicted to prescription drugs will spend a large amount of their time in activities related to getting the drug or recovering from use.

Addiction to benzodiazepines often comes with cravings for more and results in withdrawal when access is denied. Someone who is addicted to benzos may have the following withdrawal symptoms:

  • Hyperactivity
  • Hand tremors
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Visual and/or auditory hallucinations
  • Psychomotor agitation
  • Anxiety
  • And Seizures

Individuals who abuse benzos also often combine use with other opioids and alcohol, greatly increasing the risk factors associated with use. When combining these depressants, individuals can slow their bodies down so much that they stop breathing. 

Are Benzo Treatment Centers Important?

Benzo treatment centers are crucial for treatment. Individuals addicted or dependent on benzodiazepines should attend a detox center and not attempt to detox at home. Because of the potentially severe withdrawal symptoms of chronic use of benzos, individuals should be medically monitored to prevent harm to themselves or others during the withdrawal process. 

Locations that are familiar with benzodiazepine abuse can also support individuals who are struggling with other mental or physical health concerns that initiated the Benzo use. Whether it be through medication monitoring or therapeutic treatment for anxiety, trauma, or another mental illness, benzo treatment centers can help individuals parse out what the true problem is and address it through supportive treatment and healthy coping skills.

Detox From Benzos Safely With the Help of Impact Wellness Network

Through the Impact Wellness Network, our alliance of top-notch high-quality addiction treatment centers detox from Benzos safely with the help of Impact Wellness Network to support anyone and everyone who wants to get clean. 

Our addiction treatment centers can help you or your loved one detox from benzos safely in an affordable, modern, and safe environment. With programs designed to meet the specific needs of each client, we support individuals through substance use disorders and multiple other dual-diagnosis disorders that may be present. 

Contact us today to see which of the detoxification and addiction treatment centers in the Impact Wellness Network are best for you. 

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