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What You Need to Know About MAT

For those struggling with addiction, finding the right treatment can be difficult. However, medication-assisted therapy is a viable option that has shown promise. By combining FDA-approved medications, counseling, and behavioral therapy, this approach can help alleviate cravings and withdrawal symptoms. This allows patients to focus on their recovery efforts and overcome their addiction.

While primarily used to treat opioid abuse, medication-assisted therapy can also be beneficial for those struggling with alcohol or other substance misuse. Utilizing this method can give individuals a better chance of regaining control of their lives and overcoming addiction.

Exploring the Benefits of Medication-Assisted Therapy (MAT) for Substance Abuse

Medication-assisted therapy (MAT) is a treatment option that has proven effective for those battling substance addiction. When combined with other programs, such as inpatient rehabilitation or outpatient care, MAT can increase the likelihood of individuals overcoming addiction and avoiding relapse.

Considering the statistics show that between 30-50% of people in recovery may relapse, MAT has emerged as an additional tool to reduce the risk of relapse. The primary goals of MAT are to:

  • Lower the rate of drug and alcohol-related fatalities
  • Reduce the number of people who fail to complete their treatment programs
  • Decrease drug use, especially opiates, among those struggling with addiction
  • Enhance an individual’s ability to perform daily activities, such as work or school
  • Improve birth outcomes for pregnant women dealing with addiction.


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Exploring Your Options: Understanding Medications for Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Medications used in MAT are approved by the FDA and carefully selected to meet individual needs. This treatment approach is commonly used for individuals with alcohol or opioid use disorders. Those struggling with pain medication or heroin addiction are among the most common cases of opioid use disorders.

For those with alcohol addiction, acamprosate, disulfiram, and naltrexone are the primary medications used. Alcohol addiction affects the way the brain functions, thus acamprosate is used to help restore the brain to its prior state. Disulfiram, however, produces negative effects when alcohol is consumed, such as headaches, nausea, vomiting, and anxiety. Although effective, taking disulfiram requires consent from the individual and must be administered as prescribed.

Naltrexone is a medication used to reduce alcohol cravings and block opioid effects. If there are opioids in the individual’s system when naltrexone is first administered, withdrawal symptoms may occur. This medication can be taken orally daily or through an injection administered every four weeks by a healthcare professional.

Buprenorphine, methadone, and naltrexone can all be used as part of MAT for individuals with substance abuse disorders. Methadone, a controlled substance, is used to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms, as well as block opioid effects. Buprenorphine is also effective in reducing opioid dependence, with a lower rate of misuse when compared to methadone. Naloxone, however, is used to reverse opioid overdose effects in emergencies and can be administered through various methods such as nasal spray or injection.

It is recommended to have naloxone on hand in case of an emergency if you or a loved one is struggling with opioid addiction. Knowing about the different medication options for MAT can help individuals achieve long-term recovery.

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Findlay Recovery Center

Located in the heart of Findlay, Ohio, the Findlay Recovery Center is a leading addiction treatment facility that has been providing comprehensive care and support to individuals struggling with addiction for over a decade. We handcraft individualized treatment plans for each client to maintain sobriety for a lifetime. Find lasting, sustainable recovery from drug & alcohol abuse at our top-rated Ohio rehab center.

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Robert Alexander Center For Recovery

The Robert Alexander Center for Recovery is a drug & alcohol rehab program in Kentucky that offers an evidence-based, personalized, and supportive treatment to each and every client that comes through our doors. Our focus is on the individual. We craft unique treatment plans for each client to ensure long-term success in recovery from substance abuse. 

Grand Falls Center For Recovery

Grand Falls Treatment Center is located in Grand Falls, Missiouri. We offer a one-of-a-kind addiction treatment experience, rooted in an evidence-based, client-focused approach. We combine detox services with psychological therapy and support to give patients the comprehensive support they need to overcome their addiction. This evidence-based treatment program helps people rebuild their lives.

Impact Outpatient Program

Impact Outpatient Program is here to help you heal from the disease of addiction at our outpatient treatment center. Impact IOP is located just minutes from Louisville, Kentucky, in the heart of Mount Washington. We use evidence based treatment for individualized treatment plans for each client. Find hope of a life worth living with Impact Outpatient Program.

Evolve Indy

Evolve Indy is not your typical addiction treatment provider in Indiana. We began with a single mission: to help those struggling with substance abuse, regardless of their situation. Our treatment program provides expert-level therapy with modern and traditional methods in order to effectively treat the root causes of addiction.

Arrowwood ATC

Arrowwood Addiction Treatment Center in Virginia treats addiction with compassionate care and an evidence-based approach that is tailored to fit each individual’s unique needs. We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to addiction recovery. This is why we prioritize personalization in crafting treatment plans for our clients.

What to Expect from Our Substance Abuse Medication-Assisted Treatment

At Impact Wellness Network, we provide medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for those struggling with substance abuse. Our counselors will conduct a comprehensive intake assessment, taking the time to understand your unique needs and challenges.

After the assessment, you will meet with our medical professionals to discuss the medication options typically used for MAT. They will determine the best medication for you based on your lifestyle and individual circumstances. Additionally, participating in our outpatient addiction treatment program is mandatory while receiving MAT since behavioral changes that occur during active addiction are best addressed through therapy. This approach will increase your chances of success in recovery.

Improving Wellness with Impact Wellness Network & Medically Assisted Treatment for Addiction

If you, or someone you love, are struggling with addiction, Impact Wellness Network is here to offer the resources and support you need to begin the journey to recovery. Our team of clinicians and medical professionals collaborate to create individualized treatment plans designed to address both addiction and mental health struggles.

The first step is to participate in an intake assessment, where you’ll meet with a member of our clinical team to discuss your history of drug and alcohol use, mental health history, and current symptoms. If you have a history of mental health concerns, we’ll make sure to take this into account when creating your treatment plan.

If you’re interested in medication-assisted treatment, our medical team can discuss your options and provide ongoing support throughout your treatment. Our program offers comprehensive addiction education, relapse prevention planning, skill-building, and employment education. Additionally, we encourage participation in 12-step groups.

At Impact Wellness Network, our aim is to create a comfortable and safe environment for recovery. We recognize that seeking treatment takes courage and strength, and our team is committed to supporting you every step of the way. If you’re ready to take the first step, contact us today.

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