When it comes to completing an addiction treatment program, it is crucial to long-term sustainable recovery to participate in an addiction aftercare program. Through this continued addiction support, individuals can work to maintain sobriety, continue to develop coping-skills relevant to their individual situation, and even support others through care.

Through Impact Wellness, our clients have access to a number of aftercare programs and supports upon completion of any of our highly-qualified and successful addiction treatment programs. Individuals who complete aftercare programs have statistically fewer relapses and are able to maintain sobriety for longer periods of time. Contact us today to see how our expert addiction treatment and supportive aftercare programs can guide you on your journey of recovery.

What Are Addiction Aftercare Programs?

When it comes to addiction aftercare programs, there are several options. Choosing what works best for you and gives you the support and structure you need after completing an addiction treatment program is crucial. There is no shame in leaning on your people or your program through this process. No one expects perfection the first time around, but at Impact Wellness Network, we believe that everyone can achieve sustainable recovery. That is why we recommend attending an addiction aftercare program.

When looking for addiction aftercare programs, you have the option to continue with your addiction treatment center through their alumni program, reside in sober living, attend a local 12-step group, continue individual counseling, or reach out to your sober support system. 

If you choose to work with your addiction treatment center, they often have an alumni program where you can continue to attend individual counseling and group therapy. However, typically through this situation, you will become a mentor or sponsor for a newer member. This accountability helps individuals maintain sobriety and the supportive nature of this position often encourages individuals to continue attending treatment. 

Addiction aftercare programs also include sober living houses. In a sober living house, all individuals are in recovery. This is the perfect opportunity to return to normalcy in a structured environment where substances are not permitted and a level of accountability is present. Often times individuals who live in sober housing will continue some kind of aftercare treatment as a group or through local 12-step programs as well.

Individuals who have completed an addiction treatment program can access local 12-step meetings through Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA). Through these meetings, individuals can work with a group of dedicated individuals who are working to remain sober “one day at a time” and complete the 12-steps to continue their treatment journey. Individuals in AA and NA meetings work with a sponsor or act as a sponsor for an additional level of accountability through sobriety.

Finally, reaching out to your sober support system is a must. Whether it’s family, friends, or a treatment group, those who can support you through sobriety are a resource. These individuals are familiar with the struggle that you’re going through and are ready and willing to help you. By accessing this support system, you are asking people to be real and honest with you and support you through not only the good but the bad. 

What Addiction Aftercare Programs Does Impact Wellness Network Offer?

Impact Wellness Network can guide you through all of these aftercare options and more with our comprehensive aftercare planning, which is a part of our addiction treatment program. 

Through Impact Wellness Network, our comprehensive addiction treatment programs utilize a combination of evidence-based treatment with holistic healing opportunities. With tailored treatment programs designed to meet each individual client’s needs, our treatment programs encompass the best and newest treatments for our clients. 

Contact us at Impact Wellness Network to connect with an addiction treatment program or addiction aftercare program today. 

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