Going through substance abuse therapy is a big step, and, amazingly, you’re on this path. Did you know that what you eat can help your mood and recovery? That’s right, certain foods can boost serotonin, the ‘feel-good’ chemical in your brain. We at Impact Wellness Network, with our cozy spots in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio, want to share some superfoods that can give you a serotonin boost. Let’s get started!

Salmon – Your Brain’s Best Friend

Salmon isn’t just tasty; it’s packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which are great for brain health. They help boost your mood and are good for your heart too! We also suggest reading our blog about taking time to reflect and how it also helps boost your journey, along with superfoods.

Eggs – The Versatile Mood Lifter

Eggs are more than just a breakfast staple. They’re full of protein and contain tryptophan, which your body uses to make serotonin.

Nuts and Seeds – The Snack with a Punch

Nuts and seeds are not only great snacks but also a fantastic source of tryptophan. Plus, they’re easy to add to your diet.

Turkey – Not Just for Thanksgiving

Remember feeling relaxed after a big Thanksgiving meal? Turkey is rich in tryptophan, which helps in boosting serotonin levels.

Spinach – The Green Serotonin Booster

Spinach is loaded with folate, which your body needs to produce serotonin. It’s super easy to add to meals!

Oats – A Cozy Way to Start Your Day

Oats are a comforting way to kick off your morning. They’re a slow-releasing carbohydrate, which helps in gradually increasing your serotonin levels.

Bananas – The Portable Mood Enhancer

Bananas aren’t just convenient; they’re a natural source of vitamin B6, which is crucial for serotonin production.

Yogurt – Creamy and Serotonin-Friendly

Yogurt is more than just a delicious treat. It contains calcium, which helps your brain use tryptophan to produce serotonin.

Pineapples – A Tropical Serotonin Source

Pineapples aren’t just tasty; they have a good amount of tryptophan. Plus, they give you that tropical feel!

Dark Chocolate – A Guilty Pleasure That’s Good

Dark chocolate is not only delicious but also boosts serotonin. It’s a sweet way to lift your mood!

Eat Well, Feel Better

Incorporating these foods into your diet can support your mental health and overall well-being while you’re in therapy. Remember, taking care of your body is a big part of taking care of your mind. For more information on substance abuse therapy and wellness, visit us at Impact Wellness Network.

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